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Hi Everyone, Willie here,

I was surfing around YouTube whilst having a little downtime and I found this briliant business growth video by Victor Antonio. If you want to get your busines really rockin’ and rollin’ at a fast pace, watch this six minute gem.

A new boiler business

New Boiler Business

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Hassle Free Boilers is a new boiler supply, installation and maintenance company that has taken on energy giants such as British Gas by giving us a business model with a twist. Traditionally householders were faced with a hefty cost in a large single payment when they needed to replace their boiler. New boiler suppliers offered no middle ground – if you wanted to buy and install a new boiler, you’d be challenged to spend less than £1000 – or more likely £1500-2000.

Then Hassle Free Boilers came along with a concept borrowed from overseas – you buy your boiler over a series of years with low-cost monthly payments, and no upfront costs. Your monthly repayments cover everything, including installation – and in some cases – maintenance and repairs too.

Invisible Installation Cost

“So in effect the boiler installation cost can be considered as being invisible,” says Lee Brooker, marketing manager at Hassle Free Boilers, “as it’s added to the total cost of the boiler, and paid for over the length of your contract with us.”
Now Hassle Free Boilers is inundated with customers wanting to finance their new boiler using this low-cost long-term pricing solution. And no wonder, as these guys have taken the ‘ouch’ out of needing a new boiler. It’s a win-win situation in terms of heating bills too – as modern boilers are more eco-friendly and cost effective, meaning that the customer usually sees drastic reductions in their energy bills over the course of a year. So in effect the new boiler partially pays for itself as a wise investment that makes running a household more affordable.

Massive Energy Savings

“A modern, energy-efficient A-rated boiler could help you save as much £570 per year,” Lee explains. “Boilers these days are massively efficient compared to previous decades, when for example the back boiler was widely used. Some of us may remember those inconvenient and laborious methods we had to use once to get hot water and heat into our homes,” Lee says with a grin. “Thankfully technology has moved on and so have payment options for financing this major piece of kit that keeps our homes so comfortable.”
Lee is referring to the sophisticated machinery of today’s boiler, heating and hot water solutions. “You don’t necessarily have to store your boiler in the loft now. You can get smaller model types that can fit, say, into a small cupboard somewhere in your home.”

Popular Combi Boilers

I ask Lee which boiler type is in greatest demand at the moment. “Combi boilers are extremely popular these days,” he says. “They’re a very efficient way to power your central heating and hot water, and provide on-demand hot water immediately so the hot water never runs out. And no need for a cold water tank either, as these boilers deliver mains water to your home. The space-saving aspect, and the instant hot water, are both very strong incentives to choose a combi boiler today in a time when more people than ever live in apartments, or homeowners extend into the loft to get some extra living space.”

Affordable Quality Brands

Hassle Free Install Quality Vaillant Boilers

Hassle Free Install Quality Vaillant Boilers

But, Lee, are combi boilers reliable? “Hassle Free Boilers only sells tried and tested quality boiler brands,” Lee says smirking, “the top names like Vaillant, Ideal and Worcester. As you’d expect,” he adds.

So not only do your customers benefit from much more flexible payment options, but they don’t compromise one little bit on quality? “That’s right,” Lee agrees. “Getting a new boiler installation and replacement is now a lot easier and more affordable to thousands across the country.”

He’s looking a little bit smug as he finishes talking. Rightly so, I say. Any new company that can find success by tweaking the traditional way of selling and installing boilers and making warm comfortable homes achievable to many more households than before has a right to be pleased with their success.

For more information see Hassle Free Boilers

The Fastest Business Growth Sectors


Fast Growing Business Sectors to Look Out For

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If you are looking to start a new business, the first thing you should consider is, which industry has a sustainable momentum. We all know that no venture is a sure thing, but if you go into a business belonging to an industry with a sturdy and optimistic trend to back it, you are starting on a steadier foot.

While most entrepreneurs jumpstart their business because of passion, needs, and qualified experience, others knowingly recognise that it is really all about supply, demand and opportunity. By exploring and investigating which industry are picking steam, you can narrow down which sector you may want to go to be a part of. has listed 15 business sectors to watch out for, containing both growing and struggling sectors. Excerpted for you are the fast growing business sectors included in the list to give you an idea.


Steven Siegel, CEO of BioTrackTHC, which provides medical marijuana dispensary software, says the legal marijuana industry, already at $3 billion, is growing by leaps and bounds. “It offers significant opportunities, whether in publicly traded companies, via private equity or through entrepreneurism,” he says. “

East Coast enterprise tech:

Companies in the Northeast are poised to grab a bigger slice of the pie, according to Luke Burns, a partner at Ascent Venture Partners in Boston. “With 82,500 technology companies, and 80 percent of the world’s largest technology companies owning a significant presence in the Northeast, the geography is ripe,” he says.

Silicon production:

Big drivers for silicon demand are in industries with currently healthy growth curves: electronics, automotive, personal care products and construction. “Prices are expected to reach about $1.48 per pound, up from $1.20 this year, and solar-related silicon demand is expected to double by 2016,” Jeff Bradley, Globe Specialty Metals says.

Solar energy:

Although solar energy has failed to reach critical mass in past decades, the sun now shines on the sector, says Christina Alfonso, founder and CEO of Madeira Global. “The U.S. made major strides in the past few years to become more energy-efficient and reduce its dependency on foreign supply,” she notes.

Defence industry:

Peter Cohan, a visiting lecturer at Babson College who teaches strategy and entrepreneurship, predicts that companies making military equipment will experience strong demand. “The world is going to continue to be a dangerous place,” he says. “Those investors who focus on the kinds of equipment needed to defend against terrorist groups will particularly benefit.

3-D Printing:

2015 proved to be the year traditional manufacturers found ways to utilize the technology. “A skyrocketing number of companies will provide additive manufacturing as their primary service to other businesses,” Adam Clark, founder and managing partner of Tangible Solutions says.

Communications providers:

With the explosion of content and major acquisitions, big companies can now become one-stop shops for content and communications delivery, says Glenn Willis, founder, chairman and CEO of CDM Media.

Financial services:

“As Republicans take over Congress, the loosening of regulatory restrictions will enable Wall Street banks to take more risks on financial instruments trading, and that will generate higher revenues for the banks” Cohan says.


Specialty drugs will fuel big gains in the industry, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report forecasting health care costs. Although combined costs will only jump a modest 6.8 percent in 2015, specialty drug spending will mushroom to $192.2 billion by 2016 – a 121 percent increase from 2012.

Online retail:

Here, the crux of the matter is big data. Those retailers that grasp the technology and use it could see profits jump significantly, Willis says. “It’s all about a very personalized consumer approach”.

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